Mass of thanksgiving in Vau Dejes for the Holy Mother Teresa. The Albanian Catholic Church paid a thanksgiving Mass, for the sanctification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Albanian Nobel prize winner as a milestone for the world.

From the cathedral Vau Dejës named itself the sanctuary, Albanian Bishops led by the head of the conference, Archbishop Angelo Massafra and Apostolic Nuncio Ramiro Molinar Ingles celebrated the Holy Mass, a few days after the solemn celebration that took place at the Vatican last Sunday led by the Pope himself Francesco I. During the ceremony the Bishop Massafra urged the faithful and politics representatives to walk in the example and teachings of Holy Mother Teresa, working and acting for the benefit of the community and not to seek undeserved praise. The Apostolic Nuncio in Albania Archbishop Ramiro Molinar Ingles greeted the believers and who praised the life and work of the Holy mother Teresa. Besides numerous believers, this event was joined by the President of the Republic Bujar Nishani, local religious authorities. Mother Teresa represents the most valuable gift that this nation has made to mankind, he said in the welcoming speech President Nishani, who shared the emotions of the mass presence of sanctification. Present at Mass was also  the Head of the Regional Council Mrs. Greta Bardeli, who during these days has met with many of the Missionaries, Sisters of the Holy Mother Teresa mission operating in the territory of our county. Then the participants attended to an artistic concert dedicated to the Holy Mother Teresa, as a gift of local government.