Scientific symposium “Islam Dizdari teacher, scholar, leader”. On Saturday, dated 17.12.2016 was held in the premises of Hotel Colosseo Shkoder the scientific symposium “Islam Dizdari teacher, scholar, leader”

This activity is organized by Madrasah “Haxhi Sheh Shamia” in the framework of the 25th anniversary of the opening of this educational institution in Shkodra held the today a scientific symposium dedicated to the contribution and work of Professor Islam Dizdari in the education field as a teacher and then as a Professor of Albanian Language and Literature at the University of Shkodra “Luigi Gurakuqi”. His contribution is also prominent in the field of publications, studies in the field of language and literature and studies regarding Islamic culture.
In her speech the President of the Regional Council of Shkodra Mrs. Greta Bardeli appreciated the valuable contribution of Professor Islam Dizdari as a representative of a generation of hardworking teachers and mentors who have contributed long and that had cost their active life to the education and research to educate generations with a sense of love for Albanian language and literature, homeland and God are shaping so worthy individuals for progress and knowledge.
Also Mrs. Bardeli noted that a life devoted to education, research and publications such as the one of Prof. Dizdari inspires all of us to walk in the footsteps of those examples that loved the education and development and that there never stopped in contributing to the education of the society and impaste it with the highest human values .
Participants in this activity held their papers for the work and life of Professor Islam Dizdari. The Director of Madrasa “Haxhi Sheh Shamia” Kujtim Dervishi welcomed the participants and praised the outstanding contribution of prof. Dizdari as one of the pioneers of education in the city of Shkodra and was among the first teachers of the madrasa that contributed to raising after 1990 in the design of educational programs with a modern vision. Press about the lives and work of Prof. Dizdari were held by Prof. Vehbi Hoti, the author of several books Mr. Nexhmedin Bushati, Prof. Dr . Mahir Hoti, Mr. Arben Halluni Mufti representative of Shkoder, Mr. Adnan Muka etc.
Present at the event were public personalities also such as  Mr. Fuat Vjerdha-President of the Court of Appeal Shkoder, Rector of the University “Luigi Gurakuqi” Mr. Adem Bekteshi, Director of the Association “Istanbul” University professors and academics, teachers, the relatives, friends and citizens.