The meeting of the Regional Council of Shkodra. On Monday, on 2 November 2015, in the presmises of the Region of Shkodra at 11:00 a.m. was held a meeting of the Regional Council of Shkodra.

Besides the election of the new Secretary of the Regional Council Mr. Gjon Marku, who was elected by secret ballot, but with a full consensus was adopted and internal regulations of the organization and functioning of the Region and also the Commission and Council division. Then was examined and adopted some other item, dealing with some changes in the fiscal package, structure and budget of the Regional Council and the Directorate of Rural Roads

Also worth mentioning are some endorsements fund investment as in: Reconstruction of the building of the Regional Council of Shkodra and Reconstruction of Gorica Bridge, Ana e Malit, Municipality of Shkodra, and also a change in the decision on the approval of investment realignment road : Center / Zagora Goraj, Malesi e Madhe, and review and approval of some requirements, the proposal for granting a Special state Pension to the former baskeballer of Vllaznia Xhulieta Shestani , and to the actor of humor Mr. Zef Deda etc.