On 11 February 2014, in the premises of the Regional Council of Shkodra was organized meeting of the  Programme Coordinating Group for Regional Development, Northern Albania.

This is the 10th meeting of the group since the beginning of the program. President of the Regional Council of Shkodra, as chairman of this group having noted that the Quorum for the rest of the meeting was achieved made a brief summary of previous work for all pillars of the program, noting that what is most important benefit was that from this program have territories of Shkodra and Lezha District.
During his speech Mr. Maxhid Cungu stressed once again the importance of implementing this program of capacity building especially in the two respective administrations. The meeting was presented evaluation of the projects submitted for the third window from the RDP fund to fund, focused on their raging and starts their implementation. Since May 2013, in response to the call for projects focusing on social field, the targeted beneficiaries have marginalized strata are about 50 projects submitted by civil society operates in two regions of Shkodra and Lezha. A group of experts, representatives from the RDP, Shkodra and Lezha Region have made an assessment of the relevance and quality of the projects seemed lined by scoring them. Also discussed was the issue of project implementation stage of the window first and second of this fund. There were also discussions on the progress of work and plan implementation activities related to the process of monitoring strategies, including monitoring the above mentioned projects. During the meeting gave their opinions and options on issues, representatives of two counties, RDP staff and representatives of two ADA, Austrian and Swiss CDS as donor organizations.