The meeting of the Regional Council of Shkoder. At the premises of Shkodra Regional Council on 16 September 2016 at 12.00 was held the meeting of the Council of Shkodra Region.

The meeting was held after the meeting of the Presidency, in co-operation with the administration was determined and agenda. In the beginning of this meeting is done the replacement of the representative of the Municipality of Puka in the Regional Council and after the adoption of cooperation with Metropolitan Archbishop of Shkoder-Pult, as well as the financial contribution to the donation of a musical traditional instrument of our county tothe Museum of Musical Instruments Brussels. It also adopted a decision on the investment and a reconstruction of Velidaneve  Way, Municipality of Shkodra, Berdicë. Another point was the adoption of the agreement on implementation of the Project Blue Net and some specific proposals for the pensions of honorary titles. All decisions received approval from all the members.