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Office of spokesman and foreign affairs Andrea Jakova, LawyerForeign affairs adviser, spokesman, responsible of protocolMob: +355 222 42765    Duties and responsibilities 1. The adviser of foreign affairs, defines, analysis and organizes the work in the foreign affairs with other counterparts official institutions, physic and juridical bodies, private or state that performs economic, cultural, sport, health and other activities that are in the interest of the Regional Council and community as well. 2. Compiles the visit plan of foreign affairs activities and organizes their realization. 3. For visits and foreign activities or the official invitations by the counterparts, ask for support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to perform a good organization. 4. Prepares materials related to foreign affairs. 5. The Spokesman organizes the dissemination of information for the press or to other instruments of mass media for the activity of the Regional Council of Shkoder. 6. Support in writing articles for newspapers or other mass media. 7. Prepares the press conferences, meetings or interviews between the journalists and the responsible of the Regional Council. 8. Coordinates with the mass media the press instruments to present the activity of the Regional Council for the delegations related to the international relations of the institution. 9. Prepares information for the important activities of the institution based on the information from the Directorates. 10. Coordinates with the mass media and the press the discussions or issues up to the level of Directorates to disseminate their activity, supports the Directorates to publish their materials through the website of the institution. 11. Coordinates with the Directorates in preparing the response on important issues published in media related to the activity of the institution. 12. Coordinates together with the responsible of the Regional Council and the administration as well on the maintenance of official protocol in the case of official holidays or the different receptions organized by the Regional Council. For further information click on: Cooperations and agreements

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