EUSAIR strategy, which is in the final stages of consultation and approval by the European Commission,

EUSAIR strategy, which is in the final stages of consultation and approval by the European Commission, is of special importance because the definition of inclusive development policies and homogeneous for all Euro Adiatiko-Ionian region is paramount in order for the region to have a sustainable development.
In the framework of the Adriatic Euroregion project AdriGov and Ionian, Emilia Romagna Region hosted the meeting of specific thematic Commissions consultation process EUSAIR, common strategy Eurpian Union for the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion. The meeting took place in Bologna Italy for Environment  Commission president and social welfare thematic innovation in public policy. On May 27 he held a meeting of the Thematic Committee on Environment and Welfare, where Mayor of Shkodra, Mr. Majid Cungu was invited to make a presentation of the vision and policies of the Employment Situation and Social Welfare in the region of Shkodra. During the afternoon meeting were two documents prepared by Emiglia Romagna Region Environmental Policy and Social Welfare policies in the Ionian Adriatic Euroregion for the period 2014-2020.
The second day of the meeting was organized in the form of seminar where professors and prominent figures of environmental policy, social welfare and employment delivered speeches and presented their ideas and projects on innovations that have been made in the functioning of educational institutions and vocational schools as well social welfare policies and employment in order to have continuous softening of the level of unemployment and poverty.
During the afternoon of May 28 was presented and discussed the situation of public administration, and the need to improve the efficiency and coordination at different levels of administration, in the service of the proper functioning of the regional Adriatic Ionian Macro Strategy EUSAIR.
The meeting concluded with visits to the Museum of Industrial Heritage EmiliaRomagnes where presentations were made on the importance of human capital development and technology as key factors in increasing competitiveness of the Adriatic Ionian region.