Closing ceremony at the end of Action in the framework of ILO funded project

Closing ceremony at the end of Action in the framework of ILO funded project.Promoting youth employment in the fisheries sector and improving conditions for fishing on Lake Shkodrës.Me dated 30 June, at 10, in the premises of the Association of Fisheries Management in Shirokë was Closing Ceremony of the “Promoting youth employment in the fisheries sector and improve conditions for fishing on Lake Skadar.” This meeting was attended by Mr. Majid Cungu, Chairman of the County Council, acting as the Board’s presiding Regional Employment and Training, Ms. Teuta Zejno, the ILO representative, President of OMP and members BRPF.Z. Cungu opened the meeting by thanking the stakeholders who participated in the successful implementation of this action.
He stressed that the promotion of youth employment in the fisheries sector and improving conditions for fishing on Lake Skadar is one of the shares of Territorial Pact for Employment and Youth adopted by the Regional Board of Employment and Training, the Council of Shkodra district, within the project “Addressing the challenge at local youth employment”, which is being implemented by ILO, UNDP financed the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. In the district of Shkodra, shares of Territorial Employment Pact Youth focused on the fisheries sector, tourism and handicrafts, medicinal plants and aromatic and wool processing. Selection of these actions in the field of promoting youth employment is conducted in accordance with the priorities set forth by the County Regional Development Concept. To implement action “Promoting youth employment in the fisheries sector and improving conditions for fishing on Lake Skadar,” Regional Board Employment and Training under the guidance of the Regional Council of Shkodra, selected Fisheries Management Organisation Shkodra, which has a long experience in this fushë.Më after Ms. Zejno spoke briefly about the Project was marked by noting that in the context of this action, the Fisheries Management Organization Shkodra Lake undertook cleaning of nets and other debris, as well as developing 60 new courses in this region, who were trained in the techniques of fishing and business management, during the months from February to May 2014 Project “locally Addressing the challenge of youth employment” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation and focus the creation of new jobs for young people through taking responsibility and cooperation of all stakeholders at the local level. Counties included in the project are Shkodra, Lezha and Kukes. The project is implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Programme for Development (UNDP), in cooperation with the Regional Councils, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture, and local stakeholders from the public and private. Unemployment, as well as work on black youth represent a large cost for the present and future of Albania. Aiming involvement of all stakeholders and the application of new schemes for the promotion of youth employment, the ILO in collaboration with the Regional Councils and other local partners is implementing Compacts Territorial Employment for Youth in three selected districts. Territorial Employment Pacts are contracted partnerships at the regional level to enable a better link employment policy with other policies, increasing the employment rate in the local and regional level. Cleaning of Lake Skadar and training courses in the fishing business management enabled the formalization of youth employment, while simultaneously coming to the aid of environmental protection.

She once again thanked all those who contributed and made possible the successful implementation of this action.
welcomed attendees Following the mayor of Fisheries Management Organisation, which successfully implemetoi this action, who also thanked the County Council, ILO and all the actors that made possible the realization of this Project was marked.
A brief summary of all achievements of the project was presented by Mr. Arjan Cinari, OMP’s secretary. He acquainted the participants with the results achieved in meeting the objectives of this action in cleaning the lake from the nets, a process which was not performed for more than 20 years becoming a serious obstacle for fishermen, training for the first time The 60 youngsters on modern fishing techniques and entrepreneurship, as well as the registration of 40 young people more successful fishermen during training at the National Registration Center.
dscf6092At the end of the ceremony was the distribution of Certificates of Training.