Working Group Meeting of the Project NEXT & 3rd meeting of the Coordination Committee – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 29-30 January 2014, was held in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the  meeting of the Working Group of Project NEXT & 3rd meeting of the Coordination Committee. During the meeting of 29 January were up four working groups to discuss four aspects relevant to the implementation phase of the project:
1) Project management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of activities; 2) Communication and promotion of project activities; 3) NEXT Services; 4) financial and business meetings in support of research and innovation. They discussed the changes in the budget, project, time and deadlines for submission of financial and narrative reports so that the demand for change not to have negative effects on the financial partners. At the same time we stopped 7 WP / PP (Work Packages) -what NEXT Project is done and what will be accomplished in the future. WP1-MANAGEMENT (is implementer and is continuing) -Expenditures general. WP2-COMMUNICATION (Marche Region has worked in the media and partner IDA worked on the Web site and blog) -Expenditures general. WP3-preparatory phase (ie at this meeting may report to WP1 and WP3), reported to WP3 suggestion – to the preparatory phase has no leader or responsible partner WP4-NEXT IS (information system) Sibernik key actor-but all partners are responsible to provide training / workshops across different actors know how to use this platform. WP5-STAGE, that service which may be services that could be offered to targeted stakeholders. FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITIES WP6–after summer season will have a major product and activities, which today will be shared during the meeting various financial opportunities that will approach m ay. WP7-PHASE OF THE FUTURE – assessment and business plan for the platform, as will support this platform when the project is closed? The idea is to prepare a feasibility study, a counselor who will be elected will work with an expert to draft the business plan. Among actors should be targeted SMS or QTTK (technology transfer centers and research) Actors are areas, sectors that are relevant for the respective partners, where these actors can engage in question-and-answer and before raising the platform to submit suggestions if they have, or even their suspicions about this platform. Innovation being the main object of this project should be associated with the issuance of appropriate indicators.