The project to create the mountain path “Peaks of the Balkans”

The project to create the mountain path “Peaks of the Balkans”, the length of 192 kilometers, which passes through Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania, has entered the second phase of the agreement, supported by the German Government Organization for International Cooperation Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ. After a two-day conference held in Peja, on Wednesday signed the agreement between the three countries and the German partner GIZ.
The project “Peaks of Balkan” cross-border cooperation between Kosovo and Albania and Montenegro will continue with a second phase, which will now developed through public-private partnership with a German firm, DAV Summit Club. “The peaks of the Balkans”, was chosen last year by the World Tourism Organization in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as the winner of the first tourist destination of the world for 2013, being assessed as special and unique form of attractive mountain tourism . Representatives from DAV Summit Club and the municipalities of the region, on Wednesday expressed satisfaction Peja continuity. The new project named Mountain tourism high level of customer orientation in the region that includes “The peaks of the Balkans” and connects through the walking path and mountain recreation areas most beautiful Rugova Albanian Alps, Vuthajt, Thethit and Valbona.This project will be a successful and sustainable internationally recognized destination that will directly affect the sustainable development of tourism cooperation and building bridges between people but also many visitors who will be in the future along this path , said organizers of the meeting held in Peja. In the first two-day meeting focused on the current results of the project, presented the objectives and results of the following new project, and discussed the importance of strengthening public-private partnerships and how they can replicate the German experience in the case of cross-border project . During the meeting, the representative of Ms Shkodra Regional Council. Merita KAZAZI, said that to be sustainable, this project must have the support of the respective administrations. For this Shkodra regional Council has made available a sufficient fund for 2014 Last day of the conference was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the development of this phase of the Project. At the press conference held immediately after the signing Mr. Ferid Ringaj , vice president of the Shkodra Region, said the second phase of this project consists of the preparation of all necessary infrastructure that this loophole be attended and visited by as many tourists. Mayor of Peja, Mr. Gazmend Muhaxheri said that “We believe that this cooperation will help to” Balkan Peaks”, enter the tourist agenda of Germany and the countries of the region.” In signing was also mayor Plav Montenegro, Mr. Orhan Shahmanoviç, which inter alia said: I believe that in the second phase we will give our maximum contribution to promote the values of our natural beauties of the region “. Also representative of GIZ, Kosovo as the official representative of GIZ said: “Tourists will have the opportunity for ten days to see three countries, to visit three communities, hospitality, customs, foods, and traditions in a single lap, have been convinced that it is a success formula and believe that we have achieved “