Meeting of the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion Assembly and is organized as well by the Region of Emilia Romagna a meeting in the framework of  project AdriGov.

On Monday 21 September 2015 at the Pavilion of EU in Expo Milano 2015, it was held a meeting of the assembly of Euroregion Adriatic Ionian which was on the agenda besides the work and the progress of this organization the renewal of the statute and the signature card of Milan which It consists of and preservation of cultural heritage and way of organic food from the countries of this region. The meeting was attended by the newly elected President of the Regional Council of Shkodra Mrs. Greta Bardeli whom in her speech assured the partners for continued cooperation and said that: “This I think is the main challenge, the transformation of the region into a region promoter in interregional cooperation, with a number of local partners, European and other. This relates not only to further investments in strengthening the capacities but also in coordinating the actions and contributions in accordance with the goals and interests of regional partners and the community for sustainable development, for the synchronization of joint efforts for responsible use and rational resource that we have available for research, innovation and development to ensure sustainable progress and development of the entire area of Shkodra “. The President of the Region received the support of the partners in the further development of relations with the Regional Council of Shkodra will mainly consist in creating a sustainable partnership in this area.




September 22, 2015
The Emilia Romagna Region presented the opening of a school for the formation and qualification of the  civil servants of the Adriatic Joninane area.  The creation of an experimental laboratory will be one of the means to overcome the differences in approaches to administrative matters. The local and regional government in the context of achieving the objectives of regional development and cooperation in the the framework of the macro-area should be prepared in knowledge and skills and They share the same approach to public policy that will be implemented taking into account that now has a strategy that will take into account different strategies of local, regional or national level, and with some EUSAIR States implementing it, but with common objectives. At this meeting they shared common ideas and discussions from each partner. The representative of the Regional Council of Shkodra Mr. Andrea Jakova discussed the possibility of finding common points of cooperation on concrete quality setting and competent to exercise all the duties in the Adriatic-Ionian area. This will be a new approach in the form and will be processed with academic collaborators and statisticians to create the structure and the basis on which to build such a lab.