Election and competences


Election and competences of the Regional Council of Shkoder


The Regional Council of Shkoder consists of 65 members. Mayors of Municipalities, which are included in Shkodra Region, are directly members. After the establishment of the Municipal Councils and Municipalities, from their ranks, through the voting list more names of candidates, election of the other members of the Regional Council; winners candidate or candidates who received the most votes. Their number, for each unit of local government is determined by the number of inhabitants, according to a legal formula.

The Regional Council exercises the powers from the time of its constitution to the constitution of the succeeding council. If the Regional Council does not convene until 90 days after the results of the local elections, the mayor shall exercise all the functions and powers of the council until the moment of the constitution.
Ordinary meetings of the Regional Council are held not less than once in three months. The Regional Council meets in extraordinary meetings with the request:
a) The President;
b) The Headship;
c) A third of the members of the council;
d) By the Prefect on issues related to the exercise of its functions. The meeting of the Council is called by the President.

The Regional Council exercises the following powers and duties:
a) approves the regional charter and internal regulations of its functioning;
b) Decides on the obligatory quotas for each municipality in the region budget;
c) elects and dismisses the members of the Council ND the President, Deputy President and members of the leadership;
d) appoints and dismisses the Secretary of the Regional Council;
d) approves the organizational structure and regulations of the region’s administration, the budgetary units and institutions depending on the region, and the number of their personnel, qualification requirements, salaries and remuneration of employees and other persons elected or appointed in accordance with the legislation in force;
f) approve the articles of foundations of association, enterprises, companies and other legal persons that creates or is co-founder;
e) approve the budget and its amendments;
e) Approve the sale or disposition of property of third parties;
f) organizes and supervises the internal control;
g) decides on taxes and fees under the jurisdiction of the region, as well as their level;
gj) Decides to credit and liquidate obligations to third parties;
h) decides on the creation of joint institutions with other units of local government, including the subject of shared competence or with third parties;
i) appoint and dismiss heads of the enterprises and institutions under it;
j) decides to initiate legal proceedings of its competence;
k) Determines the incompatibility of a councilor;
l) approves the norms, standards and criteria for the regulation and enforcement of the functions given to him by law, and to protect and guarantee the public interest at the regional level;
ll) decides the symbols of the region;
m) Grants honorary titles and bonuses;
n) decides on the rules, procedures and methods of implementation of delegated functions under the law and in accordance with which the delegation to the region;
a) adopt or repeal the decisions of the Region.




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