Entitled TEP-AGORA: Resistance Territorial Employment Pact and the road to the future.

In the context of Grassroots Project Addressing the Challenge of Youth Employment, on Wednesday, dt. July 16, 2014, at 10:00 am, ran Experience Exchange Workshop for Territorial Employment Pacts Youth between 3 Counties where the state of t implement this project, it Shkodra, Kukes Lezhëz and the topic:
TEP-AGORA – Sustainability of PTP and the road to the ardhmes.Ne this event was attended by representatives of donors, Swiss Cooperation, representatives of project implementing organizations ILO and UNDP, representatives of the three counties MMR beneficiary representatives and representatives of institutions and members of the Regional Employment Board.
The main purpose of this meeting was to exchange experience gained during zbatitimit Territorial Employment Pact in three counties, Shkodra, Lezha and Kukes, identifying best practices, as well as discussions regarding providing continuity and stability in the future.
The meeting was opened with the greeting of the President of Shkodra, Mr. Majid Cungu who first thanked the Swiss Cooperation which is the donor of this project as the ILO and UNDP representatives who supported the successful realization of this Project was marked. Welcomed representatives of the Ministry and representatives of three circuits present in the meeting.
Mr. We stopped stump positive experiences achieved in the field of employment promotion thanks to the establishment and operation of the Regional Board of Employment and Training, which already has two years of functioning as a consultative body that collects all stakeholders in the field of employment in the district of Shkodra and where he supported several important initiatives.
Cungu Chairman, stressed that closing the project we now can say that those goals that we set at the beginning in the meetings of the Board and approved thing Territorial Employment Pact in accordance with the objectives of County, have moved on track. Of course during this performance have been unforeseen problems, but today we can say that we move forward as planned to jointly decided months ago.
He also focused on the achievements and all stock dobësistë implemented in Shkodra region highlighting that this project has been somewhat separate from other projects, which target not only the formalization of employment and youth in the labor market but also in ensuring continuity through the creation of small enterprises or associations in the respective fields.
representative of Ministry said that employment policies are a priority of the government. And regional employment offices should be the main partner of these projects.
Representatives of UNDP and ILO stressed that there was considerable work with concrete achievements by encouraging discussions about identifying strengths and weaknesses to draw lessons for continuity of these projects in the future.
the meeting was attended by the chairman of the Kukes region who said that the success of existing initiatives are opportunities for other fundraising and securing their continuity. County should be the main center for the region.
representatives from discussions of institutions show out the importance of this project and the positive impact that he has had three circles which is implemented as a positive experience, and experience to be continued and spread to counties and without excluding other problems or difficulties encountered in implementation. He stressed the importance of creating a stable and functional between institutions through the Regional Employment Boards and Vocational though he asked to have a better cooperation in determining the priority areas to be funded and funding mechanisms in the future.