Today  at Hotel Colosseo premises in Shkoder was held  the ceremony of delivery of the honorary title “Honorary Shkodra Region” to His Excellency Bujar Nishani President of Republic.

Besides the representatives of local authorities, present at the ceremony were also present the religious communities, art professor and sports people in this region. Upon execution of the anthem Flag sung by tenor student Riad Bashi, the first speech was taken by the President of the Regional Council of Shkodra Greta Bardeli, who among other things said: “The history of Shkodra, the story of the high people of this region has taught us that We should never forget the sacrifices and dedication, strength and courage to enlighten and prosper in good times and in difficult times. Shkodra history, citizenship and values made yesterday, today and tomorrow are proud of what we represent in the history not only Albanian but also among the best values in Europe. In the mountains, towns of this region has been written with the strength of the heart and desire for knowledge of life, human culture but also forces you to stand to the dramatic persecution of the dictatorial regime in the face of wisdom ignorance fight violence and extremism. Symbol of resistance, the desire for better days, the symbol of reason and not violence survived as best value for centuries for our county, giving the nation a valuable part of the desire to stand tall, undefeated, the indestructible. “then she continued,” Dear President, Dear guests, today is a special day for Shkodra they will appreciate your important role to us, that with your work and your commitment did not cease to provide support for the Region of Shkodra. You highlighted and showed us that we should not ever forget the human persecution, sacrifices of men and women confronting the dictatorship. You showed that these sacrifices must not be forgotten never to believe regardless of political beliefs, but hope for the best for everyone. So I am honored on behalf of the regional Council of Shkoder  and our citizens give high title of “Honorary County” as a citizen assessment for You! “Then Mrs. Bardeli communicated the decision of the council nr. 268 dare June 6, 2016 which conferred the title of Honorary County to His Exellency President of the Republic Mr. Bujar Nishani with this motivation: “For high values of civic bears, for outstanding contributions to the unity, progress and social peace in Shkodra Regional Council and in the identification, assessment and protection efforts of the sons and daughters of Shkodra in their aspirations for freedom, democracy and human dignity. “the head of State, as expressed this appreciation and reverence particular was primarily Institution President of the Republic and then he himself, noted that: “I feel very privileged, not only for the fact that I get such a rating, an honor that, but all that is taken exactly from citizenship of Shkodra Region, evaluation of people representative of the people of this area tremendously our national identity and cultural dimensions evident, to the extraordinary efforts they have made in all our history where figures and personalities, families of this area of the County were always present. Placement on the scale of assessment is certainly an encouragement bigger for me personally, to encourage even greater to the principles that I believe in these fifty years of my life and a greater encouragement, he trusted that I had to principles, but also to force the man in the first place comes from the Lord, but by society, by people who will continue to be always an inspiring and motivating and a very good basis for my personal life everyday and institutional but also as a citizen of this country, as an Albanian, as each of you to deserve this respect, today deserves beyond being President of the Republic.”